Craig-Cubatao-132So this week we were pretty busy. There were two baptisms on Saturday–one for the Casqueiro ward and one for Cubatão, so we were busy traveling back and forth to interviews and preparing everything, but it all turned out well! We also had a two-zone conference with the Santos zone on Friday, and that was great. Elder Rodgers and I got to work together again (for the first time since the MTC!) to do our part of the training.




Elder Veneziano and I went there on Thursday night to stay in Santos so we could plan, and that was pretty hectic! There are already 12 elders living there, plus 1 who just arrived and doesn’t have a companion and so 15 of us slept in that apartment hahah.

This week we also visited some more English schools , and that was really fun! The second time we went, we basically explained the entire lesson of the Restoration to 40 students and they were super attentive, so that was good.

So good news! Bruno and Cleidiane marked a date for their wedding in the, um, place where you mark weddings. Legally. I don’t know the word in English haha. So they’ll be married on the 20th because of the mandatory waiting period, and they’ll be baptized the same day! We’re super excited! They were in church yesterday and everyone thought they were already members because of the way they were contributing in the classes haha. Just to give an idea of how elect these two are, the first time we left a passage from the Book of Mormon for Bruno to read, he said, “Well, I couldn’t find the page you marked, so I read the first 4 chapters of 1 Nephi instead.” And Cleidiane has decided she really loves the music of Jenny Phillips haha.

Well, I think you’re all off doing cool things, so keep up the good work! Love you all, talk to you later!


[p.s. Thanks again to Sister Cabral for the photos!]



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