Elder Holland’s Visit!


Can you find Craig in this photo? Click on the photos to enlarge if necessary. 🙂

So this week the coolest thing by far was the visit from Elder Holland! On Tuesday morning we got up really early to get to the Jabaquara chapel in Santos, where we practiced our song another time or two and anxiously waited. When he arrived, we had a group photo with him, then everybody got to shake his hand! He said that he interviews each of us in those few seconds when we’re standing in front of him, and I definitely felt like that was true. President Costa, the president of the Brazil Area, was there too. He and his wife, and President and Sister Cabral spoke, and then Elder Holland spoke with a translator. It was amazing! The Spirit was super strong. After making some jokes to start off (“It’s great to be in the hometown of Pelé! We needed him against the Germans!”) he started to speak about the missionary purpose, walking around the pews with a lapel mic. He spoke a lot about how we are God’s investigators–everything that we want from our investigators, He wants from us. And we are the only convert we can promise to the Lord! It was really great.

Our song went really well too–I thought Elder Clark, who was conducting, was going to cry during the performance.

Afterward, we all went back to our areas, but the missionaries in the Santos Stake (including us) returned that night to help out with his public fireside. He talked about his family’s story–his dad was super inactive, and then when Elder Holland was 10 the bishop gave his dad a calling as Sunday School teacher, and from that day on he never smoked or drank again. So because of that visit from the bishop and 2 other members of the ward, Elder Holland joined the church! So he talked about how we, as members, have a huge responsibility to reach out to less-actives and non-members.


Other than that, this week was pretty normal! Elder Veneziano and I are still doing well. He teaches really well and we’re having a good time. We’re working with a man, who’s the friend of a member, and he’s super good! He and his girlfriend are going to get married soon and then he wants to get baptized.

So I’ve been playing a lot of piano! I’m the ward pianist, which means I practice a few times during the week and then play alright in Sacrament meeting haha. But I’m improving a lot, and my repertoire is growing! I really enjoy it, too.

Well have a great week, everybody! Talk to you later!



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