Baptisms and NASA Food

Hey everybody!

So I’ll explain the baptism first. There’s a young man here in the ward, Lucas, who moved here to live with a super nice family about a year ago, and the paperwork got all mixed up when he moved, and so even though he has already been baptized, he was baptized again on Saturday. So that’s pretty cool, since most people have only one chance haha. Here’s a picture of him with his family! We also ate lunch there yesterday.


So I received your package on Monday night, and opened it up and started handing out everything, and the M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces went over smoothly, but then I found out that mint chocolate doesn’t really exist in Brazil! When Elder Lopes saw the mint oreos he asked (I think only somewhat jokingly) why there was toothpaste between the cookies. He and Elder Marques couldn’t bear to eat them or the mint M&Ms either haha. The flavor mint here only really exists in toothpaste, so it was just too strange! By the way, the lozenge Halls, which is a cough drop in America, as I recall, is a candy here. I can’t eat that like candy haha. So I guess I understand where the Brazilians are coming from haha.

Anyway, things got even funnier when we got to the fruit roll-up things in the bottom of the package. Elder Gonzalez: “Is this NASA food?” Elder Lopes: “It looks like bacon.” And then after I showed them how to eat it, Elder Gonzalez again: “What do I do with the plastic?”


So I think I’m allowed to say that the apostle who’s coming this month is Elder Holland! We’re all very very excited. About 40 of us are in a choir to sing a translated version of “My Kindness Shall Not Depart from Thee”, which is a little difficult because the tenor part is very high and the translated lyrics don’t exactly fit, but it will all turn out well by the 19th!

Well, have a good week, everybody! Tchau!
Elder Maughan



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