On making a fool of myself in front of the President…

Hey everyone!

Let me just explain that subject line haha. So on Saturday we had a two-ward activity about missionary work, and each of the 5 companionships in our zone, which includes the wards of Cubatão and Casqueiro, gave 7-minute trainings to the members, who rotated from room to room. Elder Gonzalez and I talked about reverence, and to show an example of irreverence in the beginning of each session, Elder Gonzalez began to read 3 Nephi 11 and I sat down, pulled out my crunchy candy, started to talk to everyone around me, just distracting everyone. Since nobody knew at the beginning that it was an act, I got some very strange looks from people! President and Sister Cabral were there too, so during that part of our session with them I just kept talking to them, offering candy, and it was really funny (afterward–in the moment, President Cabral looked pretty unhappy with me haha). But everyone learned about how annoying it is when people are irreverent, and then we talked about reverence and it went really well. After the trainings, Sister Cabral and President spoke and it was really good; the spirit was super strong! After the activity, there was a baptismal service for the sisters serving in Casqueiro and for Elder Marques and Lopes here.

Other than that activity, not much to report this week! To celebrate my 6-month mark on Tuesday, we stopped for sundaes at some store on the main street here. Pretty exciting.

We’re also having English class twice a week, which is going well! On Saturday the theme was that we just got off the plane in NY and now we’re going to explore the city. I think everyone enjoyed it!

Well, have a great week, love you all!



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