Cubatão, continued!


This week was pretty good! I think so, at least, I don’t really remember too much of what happened and I didn’t write in my journal because we have a mission goal to read the entire Book of Mormon before the apostle visits on August 19th. So all of our time at home is spent reading! But I’ll write about what I remember haha.

Yesterday we had a meeting in Santos at our stake center with the stake missionary work coordinator, and that was really good! He’s from Cubatão, and I always like hearing his stories, although I always feel like a really ineffective missionary after hearing him talk about his mission haha. We have a few members like that in our ward, but it’s all good! We have a ton of returned missionaries in our ward.

Good news, I’m not sick anymore! The mission doctor gave me some very helpful antibiotics, and I got healthy super quick, with the only negative side effect being that everything I ate and drank for a few days tasted like death.

We’re working with a few good investigators–one young couple, Joselito and Daiane, are super nice, and we’ve been visiting them as often as we can, which unfortunately isn’t that often because of their work and everything, but we’re trying to schedule more often.

In other news, Elder Gonzalez and I are going to cut each other’s hair today, so if I don’t send any pictures for a while, it’s because what we’re expecting to happen happened and our hair looks terrible.

Well, that’s the news from the town formerly known as “The Valley of Death” for its pollution! (Don’t worry, they’ve cleaned up the place.) Talk to you next week!


P.S. Our Cubatão zone sang at the [mission] conference! Elder Marques, who organized it, didn’t know that O Come O Come Emmanuel is a Christmas song, but it was a lot of fun!



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