Busy Week

So this week was very busy! On Tuesday we were in the house all day because of the Brazil game. We knew something had to be wrong because none of our neighbors was shouting or setting off fireworks haha, but none of us imagined 7-1! The assistants called around to make sure all of the foreign missionaries were indoors, just in case somebody confused us for Germans and beat us up.

Then Wednesday was pretty normal, and Thursday was the mission conference! Our mission’s first birthday. It was fun to see everybody again, and President Cabral gave a really good talk! He and Sister Cabral based their talks off of a talk called “The Fourth Missionary” by Lawrence Corbridge. They also announced that an apostle will be visiting our mission next month! We’re all very excited!

On Saturday we just had to be inside from 5 to 7, during the Brazil game. I also spent a little bit of time on bedrest on Sister Cabral’s orders because I’ve been a little bit sick. Then church on Sunday was good! The other elders sang “Baptism” and I played on the piano. Despite me messing up pretty bad toward the end, we pretended the last verse was a cappella and I came back in on the last chord! haha. Last night we visited two references of a member here as well, and we’re excited to keep teaching them.

Well talk to you all next week! Love you all!



One thought on “Busy Week

  1. Grandpa Maughan says:

    Well, maybe you should have practiced more when you were a young boy. But still, if you only gave the Elders the right starting pitch (which I am sure you did), that would be some success. I hope you are feeling better, and are relieved that the World Cup is over. Keep up the good work! Grandpapa


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