The Craziness Begins!

This week was the start of the world cup, which meant that we spent Thursday inside studying haha. The whole country is going absolutely crazy for the cup–the schools are on holiday for the whole month, and everybody is watching it! At least the Brazil games. We could hear the whole town singing the national anthem when the game started, and then yelling every few minutes, with huge shouts and lots of fireworks when they scored. They’re playing again tomorrow, so we’ll be back at home directly after lunch. It’s kind of strange to not be watching any of the matches, especially since I would normally be really excited for the World Cup, but it’s kind of a good test to see how much I and the rest of the missionaries here are dedicated to the work!

Other than that, the work continues as normal! Elder Stokes and I gave talks in church yesterday–I based mine off of the addresses given this past general conference by Elder Teh and Bishop Stevenson. We also visited Cassia, with Thiago our ward mission leader. She’s progressing slowly, but it’s really cool to see the change in her, compared to the first day when she almost threw us out of her house when we said we don’t worship Mary. And I like teaching with Thiago–he was and is a very good missionary, and he’s also super funny!

The less-actives that we’ve been working with have been really nice to us, and I always like visiting them. It’s great to help them remember what they’ve left and help them recognize that the church is true and that the Lord wants them back.

I’m attaching some photos of a house on our street–bonus points for anyone who can figure out why Elder Stokes and I are pointing at 1994! haha.

Love you all, have a great week!





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