Stake Conference

This week we kept working a lot with some less-actives, which is always good. We had another good Ward Family Night on Friday, and our classes of English and piano/guitar, as well as soccer night, are always a lot of fun!

This weekend was stake conference, and that was great! On Saturday night we were invited to the general session. The stake presidency all spoke, as well as a young man from Enseada and a young woman from Guarujá who has her mission call, I think. Our stake president, President Santana, is really funny and also very spiritual, and they all gave great talks.

Yesterday was the main session, and it was broadcast from Salt Lake City to 101 stakes in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Sister Stephens in the RS general presidency spoke, and then Ulisses Soares, who’s in the presidency of the seventy. When he stood up and started talking, I thought, “wow, the Portuguese dubbing is really close to the actual movement of his lips!” And then I remembered that he is Brazilian hahah. I had only heard him speak English before! Elder Scott and Elder Ballard also spoke–Elder Scott in Portuguese as well. I really enjoyed that.

In less-important news, I have discovered to my amazement that the same potato-ish mandioca that they also use to make farofa can be used to make sagu, this delicious dessert that the members yesterday made out of little balls of mandioca covered with grape gelatin. Typed out, it really doesn’t seem too appetizing, but it’s amazing and I just thought it was funny that they make so many different things with the same food! Also, turns out that there’s a cashew FRUIT as well as a cashew NUT. Which helps my confusion over how I was drinking cashew juice.

People are getting pretty excited for the Cup to start on the 12th! Painted streets, banners everywhere. We will be going home immediately after lunch on the days with Brazil games, but the rest of the days will be normal.

Love you guys, talk to you next week!



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