Hey family,

It was awesome to talk with you guys yesterday! When I finished, Cassia started asking me all kinds of questions about our conversation, she was super excited that I got to see you all. Me too! Everyone’s still doing well, it sounds like. We’ll do it again on Christmas!

So this week was really good. Early on in the week, we were working really hard but had almost no success, which was kind of disappointing, but we just kept trying to be obedient and diligent as we could, and it paid off later in the week! On Wednesday we went to go visit some less-active members in Sitio Conceiçãozinha, a part of our area that’s pretty far from where we usually work, and even though we didn’t get the chance to talk to the members there, we taught a few really good lessons to new investigators!

We taught a couple, Chrisleine and Rogério, and Rogério told us that the day before, he had been biking home from work in the rain and he just stopped and said a prayer and asked for God to send him someone to show him what he should do. Then the next day Elder Stokes and I were looking for a member’s house on his street and couldn’t find it, so we decided to knock on a random door–Rogério’s–to ask for directions. After we had a really powerful lesson with him, we left and saw the member’s house, clear as day and obviously marked, on the way we had come! It definitely wasn’t just bad luck that we missed it–we needed to teach Rogério and his wife.

We’ve really been focusing on finding and talking to the less-active members of the ward, which takes up most of our days now. On Thursday we found some members who were very receptive, and then another miracle happened right as we left an investigator’s house that night. A lady driving by stopped her car in the middle of the road and called us over, and it turns out that she’s a less-active member who just moved to Boa Esperança, and she wants to start going to church again! We’re going to teach her tonight.

I already told you guys about playing piano in church, and our training that we presented to the ward yesterday, and then the mission conference we’re having on Wednesday, and I think that basically covers everything! Oh, I’m also attaching a picture of the ward family night we had in the chapel on Friday night. That was super fun! It was the first one, and we plan on doing them every week.


Love you all, talk to you next week!

Photos courtesy of one of the missionary moms.

Photos courtesy of one of the missionary moms.



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