Surprise transfers!

Hey family!

So this week was pretty eventful! Plenty of news.

Elder Stokes and I had a very busy week! We were working really hard to find someone to be baptized on Saturday or Sunday, and since we only have a few consistent investigators, we spent a lot of time trying to find new people. This coincided nicely with the rainy weather! haha. I can now happily say that my waterproof jacket really is waterproof! At some point an umbrella just becomes ineffective, so we just wrap our scriptures and everything else in plastic bags and walk out into the rain. We and our bags get soaked, but our things stay nice and dry, for the most part!

Well, unfortunately, despite our work Elder Stokes and I didn’t have a baptism this weekend, which was pretty tough. I don’t really regret anything, though, because I really love meeting new people and introducing our message–I feel like I’m really giving them a chance to accept the gospel, and it’s good work!

On the bright side, three boys that Danilo, a brother in the ward here, has been teaching decided to be baptized on Saturday! Leandro, João Victor and Kawan. Two were baptized by Danilo himself, and Elder Lima baptized one. It was really great! The four of us made some pretty delicious cake and also sang “Sim, Eu Te Seguirei”–“Lord, I Would Follow Thee”. Apparently the bishop really liked our rendition, because he had us sing it again as the closing hymn in Sacrament meeting the next day! I also had the chance yesterday to confirm Leandro and give him the gift of the Holy Ghost! That was a pretty great experience–Elder Stokes and I were praying that I would be able to use my Portuguese well, and I think it turned out really well.

Then after church yesterday we got some surprise transfer news! As of last week, BE had 4 elders, Vicente de Carvalho had 2, and Villa Aurea had 2–but now it will be 2, 6, and 6! Elders Lima and Saturnino will continue to live with Elder Stokes and me but will work in Villa Aurea, as well as Elders Rocha and A Santos, who are coming to live with us starting later today. The president has pulled missionaries from Bertioga and other zones to help strengthen Vicente de Carvalho and Villa Aurea. Nobody really knows what will happen–fitting 6 missionaries in our apartment will be a challenge, and suddenly the Boa Esperança ward has only Elder Stokes and me! But we’re looking forward to it.

Well I think that’s all the news–I can’t wait to talk to you guys on Sunday! Love you all, have a good week!




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