Hey family,

This week was transfers! Elders Lima and Saturnino and I stayed here in Boa Esperança, but Elder Kocinba got a call on Tuesday morning (!) from President Cabral himself and was called to be the financial secretary of the mission, so he’s working in the office in Santos now. We went together there to drop him off, and I got to see a few other missionaries being transferred and waited for my new companion to get to Santos from Praia Grande, where he was serving!

I’m working now in Boa Esperança with Elder Stokes, who’s from central New Jersey. It’s crazy enough that two Americans are serving together (I’ve only heard of one other companionship like this in the mission) but it’s even cooler that we’re from areas so close in the USA! (Actually, the other companionship of Americanas has us beat–they were visiting teaching companions in the same ward outside of Chicago before the mission haha.) Elder Stokes is really great, and we have a lot of fun together. He’s been on the mission for about 8 months. Here’s a picture of us!


Toward the end of my time with Elder Kocinba, it was looking pretty likely that he was going to be transferred, so I spent a lot of time studying our area as we went around it, and on the map and everything, which is good, because now at least one of us knows our way around here! haha. We spent some time this week visiting with the bishop and ward mission leader and some members, but also made a lot of new contacts and taught some new investigators. We’ll have a baptism to tell you about next week!

Other than that, I don’t have much to share! It sounds like you all are doing well, all over the country and the world! Love you all, talk to you next week!




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