Happy late mother’s day!

Hey family,

Hope everybody’s doing well! This past week was great. Yesterday on Mother’s Day the other missionaries got to Skype their moms, so that was fun. And I’m looking forward to skyping home later! Elder Kocinba called his mom yesterday in the house of an investigator–she fed us lunch and we taught her right afterward, and she’s super fun to teach because she’s very direct and very inquisitive. And she can’t believe that we only get to see our parents twice a year! haha. But we explained to her why, and I think she feels a little better now.

So we still don’t know the transfers! And we don’t know when we’ll know. Unlike last time, there’s at least a small chance I’ll be transfered and a pretty big chance that Elder Kocinba will be going–this would be his 4th transfer here and President Cabral doesn’t usually keep missionaries in one place for that long! But I’ll tell you when I know.

We also had a conference with the president on Friday, with our zone (Bertioga) and the Guarujá zone, which was great! He talked a lot about faith and righteousness, and I think everyone enjoyed it.


So I’ve noticed that the Lord has been helping me a lot with piano-playing, which doesn’t seem like a really big thing but I’m really grateful for! I like to practice playing hymns, and before my mission it took me a really long time to learn one hymn, but here there are a few that I’ve learned just after playing through a few times and others that are just an hour of practice. I’m not a very good pianist yet, but hopefully soon I’ll have a repertoire big enough to play in Sacrament meeting!

That’s the news from Boa Esperança! Sorry there’s not much, but next week, who knows, the news might be from Registro or Belas Artes or Santos or Itanhaém.

Até mais,



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