Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hey everybody! Another good week in Boa Esperança! Not too much exciting news–we found a few new people to teach, which is always great, and so we’ve been working with them!

We also had our first real service project on Saturday, where the 4 missionaries here in BE helped a less-active member who’s redoing his house move a lot of his building material around–more fun than it sounds, I swear! We were all pretty exhausted by the end of it, but fortunately on our way home we passed a bakery (like 6, actually) and rewarded ourselves with some sweet bread with goiaba fruit and cream on top, which are basically the most delicious things ever.

Other than that, the only really different thing that happened this week was when Elder Kocinba and I went to Poupatempo (literally “save time”) on Friday to do some of his government documentation. Since it’s just a place to do official government registration and things like that, I was expecting something like the DMV or a post office, but it turned out to be this huge hangar in Santos, like a mix between Grand Central Station and IKEA with tons of people and announcements being made everywhere and its own cafe and everything haha. So that was fun.

Next week is transfers! I’ll let you know who’s going and who’s staying next week. Love you all, thanks for the letters!




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