A Surprisingly Short Transfer!

Hey from the other hemisphere!! So we’re starting to get into winter here, I think–I know because I’m wearing long sleeves right now. Actually, it’s not really cold enough to warrant a long-sleeved shirt, but it’s cold enough that I won’t suffer a lot wearing one, and they’re a lot cleaner than my short-sleeved ones! haha. [Scott: Haha Craig I wore my long sleeve shirt once ever, on a laundry day.]

Hope all is well at home! Enjoy spring, and all that. We’ve been having a bit of brazilian autumn lately, which is interesting. It’s always warm in the middle of the day, but the nights have been almost chilly!

So apparently one transfer every year is only 4 weeks, and it’ll be this one! Which means that transfers are on May 13th, which seems just around the corner. The work here in Boa Esperança is still going–we’ve been teaching a pretty good amount, but we’re not having a lot of success in terms of finding people who will keep commitments, come to church, etc. But we just keep going!

I’m still improving in terms of the language and things like that–I think overall I’m doing well, although occasionally we’ll have a lesson where I struggle a ton and Elder Kocinba has to take over, but those are becoming more rare and it’s easier for me to talk to people now.

Since I felt bad about not having a picture this week again, here’s yesterday’s lunch!


To give you an idea of how it usually is. The sister in the ward who was going to be giving us lunch yesterday had to go out of town or something, but she gave us the food to take home, so the 4 of us ate in our apartment. This is pretty standard: rice, (usually beans,) salad, and chicken or beef, with some sort of powder whose name I can never remember (it looks like sawdust and has no taste that I notice, but it’s somehow good on rice and beans!). [Scott: Also, Eric and I totally agree with you on the farofa thing, that’s the best tasting sand ever. Craig: farofa! That’s the name haha. Sometimes it has other things in it, like raisins I think it had one time! THAT was delicious. I always feel a little strange putting it on my food, but it’s always super good!] It’s actually very good all combined together! And I’ve finally learned how to effectively eat rice with a knife and fork like they do it here.

Well that’s the exciting news from this week! haha. Talk to you all soon!




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