Feliz Páscoa!

Olá família!

How is everybody? Hope everyone had a good Easter! The week here was pretty exciting.

So we didn’t actually find out the transfers until Monday night, which is pretty irregular. None of the 4 elders in Boa Esperança was transferred, but Elder Kocinba and I were going to transfers the next day, so we spent that night in São Vicente with two other elders. Then on Tuesday were transfers, which was exciting! A lot of the zone leaders were transferred, including ours, and so we have a new zone leader and also another district leader, Elder Goldade from Virginia, since up until this point we were basically just one big district in our zone. After the transfers, we spent that day in Santos doing some contacts around the chapel and fixing a problem with Elder Kocinba’s Brazilian ID paperwork.

The next day was the Easter mission conference! Everyone was very excited for that. We started out with Sister Cabral, who talked about Alma 5, and then President and Sister Cabral explained the symbolism behind the traditional Passover meal, which we then ate. I think Sister Cabral has pictures of that? [Yes, she did! Thank you, Sister Cabral!]


It was actually a really cool experience to eat. Then President spoke for a while about the Atonement, which was amazing. He talked about some really deep stuff. Everyone was super quiet the whole time, just listening and writing, and the Spirit was super strong. He talked a ton about personal revelation and about how the Spirit was going to teach us far more than he could.

It was fun to see the other elders and sisters from around the mission, now that we had been away from them for a while! And it was awesome to see the other three from my MTC district again. It sounds like you’ve seen pictures of that, too.


The rest of the week was pretty normal. We’re still working with a few investigators and some less-actives too, and we’re teaching more now!

Congrats to Sam on his mission call, that’s exciting!

Since I haven’t sent pictures in a while, here’s one Elder Kocinba took on our way to the LAN house where we email haha. This is our street! Pretty exciting, I know.


That’s it for now! Talk to you all next week!




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