Mission Impossible and a Baptism


So this week was pretty exciting! On Wednesday we had our first baptism. Larissa is 15, and her dad and step-mom are both members in the Boa Esperança ward, and they’re pretty great. She and her whole family were excited for her to be baptized! Her father baptized her and was smiling the whole time. The young women in the ward seemed excited for her to join too! The baptismal service went really well, there were some testimonies and some short talks, and one of the young women in the ward sang “A Child’s Prayer” (Well, “Oração da Criança”) with Elder Kocinba and me.

Earlier that day it had rained a lot, and the area in front of the chapel floods pretty well during storms, so we had to Mission Impossible our way to the parking lot by climbing around on the fence and swinging to safety on the gate, which was a lot of fun. Elder Kocinba took this picture of Elders Lima and Saturnino and me! Luckily, by the time the baptism actually started, everything had cleared out.

So the next evening, we found out that we would have to go to Bertioga because Elder Kocinba was going to do some baptismal interviews there. We ended up staying until Saturday morning! Elder Kocinba and the zone leader, Elder Parrella, were working on some things for our zone and so Elder Clark, from Colorado, was my companion for that time, which was fun! We taught some of his investigators and had a good time.

Yesterday was good too–I really like the Boa Esperança Ward. There’s generally about 80-90 people who come every week. Yesterday I was blessing the sacrament, and after the sacrament was finished and we were leaving to go sit down, the bishop stood up to announce the rest of the meeting and said “The first talk today will be given by Elder Maughan.” So that was kind of a surprise! But I think that everyone understood most of what I said haha. I’m getting a lot more comfortable with the language, even though I still can’t understand a lot of what people are saying and I talk pretty slow haha. It’s not as stressful anymore, I guess! I think I’m just adjusting a lot more to things here, which is good.

Well that’s the news! Thanks for all the letters and support!





Singing for Zone Conference



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