Spring Cleaning

Hey family!

This week was pretty normal. We had a conference with the Guarujá and Bertioga zones on Friday, and Sister Cabral spent a while answering missionaries’ questions and talking about everything from health to personal worthiness. She’s always very fun to watch talk because she is so bubbly and happy! After the conference, President and Sister Cabral visited our apartment and decided it was too dirty and lacking too many necessities, and so we cleaned it and they ordered a bunch of things like beds and chairs and fans! So we’re excited for those to arrive.

That was the only out-of-the-ordinary thing this week! We’ve been teaching more often, which is fun. My portuguese is definitely improving, even though my accent sometimes (often) gets very strange looks.

I really enjoy the morning hours when we get time to study the scriptures or other gospel books! I read very slowly in portuguese, but it’s a good way to learn new words.

In other news, today was the coldest day so far on the mission, and it feels very nice out! But we haven’t had any days that have been extremely hot, either. There’s often a nice breeze! [Santos high temp today is 79° F and low temp is 65° F – a little nicer than New York!]

That’s all the news that I can think of!
Love you all!

[excerpts from some of today’s family emails with Craig:
CRAIG: Melissa — tell James CONGRATULATIONS! I haven’t read the whole email yet but I skimmed it for the best parts!
MELISSA: hahah those are the best parts for sure. We will keep you updated! We’re really excited though!!
ERIC: I hope you read mine intently. I wrote it on my dang phone. Kind of like how it was hard for the Book of Mormon prophets to chisel their words into the plates, so they only wrote important things.
CRAIG: “And now I, Omni, write my 140 characters and pass the phone to my son.”
ERIC: “And now I, Omni, write my 140 characters and pass the phone to my son.” #needmoreore
CRAIG: In other news, I won the world cup this week ]




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