I Know Where I Am Now!


Hey family! So the coolest thing that happened this week was that I found a map! Which means I know know where Boa Esperança is. Always exciting.

Oh, and my birthday! I feel pretty old now, especially since everyone else in my apartment is still 18. But my birthday was great! On Tuesday I got the package you sent, Mom. We had mission conference (again) in Santos on Tuesday to hear from a man who I think is an area seventy? His name was pronounced “Schmiley” but who knows how it’s spelled–Brazilian names are crazy! Anyway, he spoke on how we can become better missionaries.

So maybe not all of the candy that was in the package survived to my birthday on Thursday. But it was delicious! The Americans loved it haha, and the Brazilians did too. We started off my birthday with chocolate-blueberry pancakes covered in nutella! And then while we were at a member’s house just down the street, they surprised me with a birthday cake! Let me just say that I thought that America had a weird birthday song until I heard the Brazilian one. But it was a lot of fun! Then we worked, but that night we had fluffernutter sandwiches and opened the gifts you wrapped, which were great! I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures!



The rest of the week was pretty normal! We’re doing a lot of finding people now, which is a little difficult but good experience.

Today we had to go to Santos to get a few things, and since the mission office is like 3 blocks from the ocean, we stopped by on our way back to BE! It was pretty awesome.

Well that was my week! Thanks for all the emails and letters, they’re very much appreciated!

Love you all!

The view from the Sao Paulo CTM

The view from the Sao Paulo CTM



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