Preparing for Santos

This week really flew by – it seems like they’re getting faster and faster! We’ve been trying to fit in all the last-minute prep we can before we hit the field on Tuesday.

That’s great to hear about Dalton’s visa and also about everyone being accepted to BYU! And I’m sure blessing Miles this Sunday will be great.

So two cool things happened this week! The first was that on Wednesday, 20 Americans showed up after having served in the US for up to 12 months visa-waiting. Some of them still speak Portuguese really well, which is good because they’re in for some super-intense 12-day Portuguese-refresher training! We’re not allowed to speak any english to them at all.

The second is that we got to go to the Campinas temple today!
From what we could tell, it sounds like Carnaval has shut down some of the roads we would usually take to get to the São Paulo temple. So because of that and just the general bagunça (word of the day!) around the city today, we got to go on an adventure! It was my first time leaving the city, and the scenery on the ride there was really beautiful! The temple there is new and big and we all had a great time–it was just 16 Americans, so not a very big group.

I’m not sure what else happened this week. We continued teaching our 4 “investigators,” did a lot of planning and studying, and played more volleyball! We’re also having a good time getting to know our roommates Elders Conceição and Palmêrio and the other Brasileiros.

On Sunday at devotional, Elder Pierce (the vocal performance major) gave a great performance of “Savior, Redeemer of My Soul” with Sister Sweet on the piano. I love that song!

Well I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about next time, whenever that is! On Monday we have an all-day field orientation meeting, then I think early on Tuesday morning we’ll take a bus to Santos. There are the 3 other Americans in my district, some Hispanicos, and a good number of Brazilians that will be coming with us. We’re all very excited to go!

Talk to you sometime soon!

Elder Maughan


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