Time is Flying!

The CTM is still great! I only have 11 more days here, and then I head to Santos and the adventure really begins! But there’s still some fun to be had here first, and we’re really focusing on getting as much as we can out of our time here until the 4th. Our lessons are getting better and better–I never would have thought when I got here that in just a few weeks we’d be teaching and conversing in Portuguese with our investigators! But our experience with the language just keeps growing. The Spanish I [used to] know is helping a lot, and I’ve finally stopped saying “pero” instead of “mas” and “tenemos” instead of “temos” as I finally switch over to Portuguese! haha.

Which is good, because we got new Brazilian roommates this week! Elders Conceição and Palmeiro, I think. Brazilian names are harder to remember! We’re trying to only speak Portuguese with them. And they’re leaving for the field the same day as us! We haven’t met any coming with us to Santos, but I’m sure we will.

No new Americans this week–it sounds like they’ve stopped calling Americans to Brazil while they try to get visas for the ones in the field in the US! But this week we’re expecting 21 missionaries who just received their visas in the field and they’ll be doing a 2-week crash course to try to relearn Portuguese before they head to their missions. They’re changing up the system a lot, it sounds like! I’m hoping Elder Homer will get his visa soon.

I don’t know what else to say about our MTC experience. We didn’t do anything out in the city this week, but we still had a good time. We play a lot of volleyball during physical activity every day! It’s really fun. And the weather was much nicer this week, it rained a few times! We sang E Tarde, A Noite Logo Vem and it sounds like you got the recording–that was a lot of fun!

The speaker that day was Elder Evans of the Seventy, who’s the Executive Director of the missionary department. He spoke on a bunch of things from missionary work to eternal families, and it was really interesting! Yes, it was for the whole CTM–probably 300-400 missionaries, although I’m not sure and I think that might be too high of an estimate.

Well everybody keeps telling me stories about snow! Except for Melissa, who sent me pictures of sunshine and beaches. Speaking of holidays, apparently the day we leave for the field is the day that Carnival starts here in Brazil. I don’t know if it’s a big deal in Santos, but I guess we’ll see! Maybe it will be good practice for when the World Cup comes around and the country shuts down for a month. We’re (not-so-)secretly hoping that Presidente Cabral will let us watch Brazil’s matches! But we won’t be too devastated if we can’t, I promise.

I hope everybody’s having a good time at home! Thanks for the letters. Talk to you next week!

Elder Maughan



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