Tudo Bem!

Ola familia! How’s everybody doing? Things are going really well in Brazil still! I think by now we’ve kind of become used to life at the CTM. We work a lot and we have a lot of fun!

We’ve officially been here two whole weeks, which seems a little strange. Most of our days are just filled with classes and studying! On Tuesdays there are devotionals by visiting general authorities of the church, which are great. That’s also when groups of missionaries leave the CTM–our Brazilian roommates left us this week! And when the new Brazilians came on Thursday nobody was put in our room, so it’s just us Americans. Wednesdays are also exciting because that’s when the new Americans arrive! Just two elders last week and three elders this week, though. It’s my job to welcome the incoming districts of elders that will be a part of our zone, so we’ve been hanging around them a lot and it’s been fun to get to know them!

So right after I emailed last week we went out to walk around Sao Paulo. We visited some cool little shops, the famous cookie store, the post office (trying to mail a letter is very difficult when you basically only know the phrase “estados unidos” and universal sign language), and most importantly, the candy store. We’ll be replenishing our stock of delicious little watermelon chews today haha.

So, a little bit about my district! My companion, Elder Rodgers, is from VA. He’s going to Santos with me, as well as another elder in our district, Elder Simiskey from TX, and Sister Sweet from TX. Then there’s Elder Steuhser (from VA, going to Sao Paulo East), Elder Pierce (NC, Santa Maria), and Elder Sargent (OH, Santa Maria), plus Sister Day (KY, Sao Paulo East), Sister Melonakos (NC, Salvador), and Sister Shepherd (CO, Santa Maria). We’re all really excited to be on our missions and we have a really good time together!

We’re really enjoying Sao Paulo. It’s a really different city but really cool! I guess there must be a downtown somewhere, but all we ever see is a bunch of buildings going off into the horizon in every direction, and the skyscrapers are all apartment buildings just randomly scattered all over the place haha. Our dorm window looks out over the western half of the city, and we spend a lot of time checking out the view.

Classes are fun because we’re learning so much about teaching the gospel and about Portuguese. I’m learning a ton from our teachers and from the scriptures! We practice teaching all the time (always in Portuguese). I’m getting more confident in my ability to speak and we’re all learning really quickly.

I’m excited to see what Santos will be like! I know it will be super different than here in terms of the language, the food (yes, Eric, they still have that banana-chocolate pizza on Wednesdays), and teaching, but I don’t know exactly what it will be.

Happy late birthday, Dad, and happy early birthday, Mom! Hope everyone’s doing well.

Talk to you next week!
Com amor,
Elder Maughan



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