One, Two, THREE Brazil Missionaries Here!

It was sooo exciting tonight to watch the fourth and final Maughan child open his mission call. Spoiler alert: He’s been called to serve in the Brazil Santos mission! While he’ll be serving in the same country as both of his brothers and will also be learning Portuguese, he’s serving in a very different area of Brazil. It’s located just southeast of São Paulo and runs along the coast.

I tried to record our Google Hangout, but sadly, despite working fine during a ‘test run’, the audio from the computer didn’t record. 😦 Hearing only myself on the video was quite a let down, I can tell you!

So, since I can’t upload a video of the happy event, here are some memories of the evening that make me smile:


  • The excitement in Craig’s voice when he called at dinnertime: Helaman Halls had just contacted him to say that his mission call had been misdirected there instead of going to Heritage Halls. Did he want to pick it up?? Ummm… yeah!
  • The frustration of calling James’ cell phone and work phone at least 20 times before realizing that he probably went rock climbing this afternoon and was out of cell phone range! bummer!
  • The happiness when, on call #21, James picked up his phone! Everyone one else was ready for Craig to open his call. So happy for technology!
  • The voices of Melissa, James P., Scott, and Jared telling Craig exactly how to open and quickly cover his mission call letter for maximum surprise. 🙂
  • The head count Craig took of everyone who was on the Google Hangout or connecting via phone just before he opened his call: “Mom?” “yes” “Dad?” “yes” “Eric?” “yes” “Grandma?” “yes”
  • Craig: “They should make mission call envelopes easier to open!”
  • The smile on Craig’s face when he began reading his call and the bigger smile when he read “Brazil Santos Mission!”
  • Everyone’s happy comments on learning that the third and final Maughan boy was also heading to Brazil, and learning Portuguese – just like both of his older brothers. (BTW, Melissa and I are proud that we are so fluent at English!)
  • An awesome daughter who takes LOTS of photos to share this happy occasion with others. Here they are, complete with captions on Facebook and Instagram:


When waiting to find out if going international or foreign, Craig recommends not covering your call letter with the application for a passport.  #ldsmissionaries


Final Maughan opened his mission call today…. Santos Brazil!! January 22nd. So proud and so excited! #threebrotherstobrazil #onesistertocleveland #ididntwannaspeakportugueseanyway #thankgoodnessfortechnology

When James arrived home tonight and watched the video (minus sound), we both agreed that what really stands out is the constant smile on Craig’s face. 🙂 So I guess the video wasn’t a waste after all.

What a great way to celebrate the boys’ first full day back at BYU – and the end of a truly wonderful summer. We’re sooo proud of you, Craig, and know that you will be an amazing missionary! The people of Santos, Brazil, will be blessed to have you serve there.



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